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The Evolution of Handbags!



Handbags were primarily known as an accessory piece that gave you that extra WOW factor to complete your outfit.  Handbags were not thought of as a necessity, but rather a bag that allowed you to toss in your license, keys and lipstick and run off to your next gathering.

Today, handbags have become the accessory necessity to operate and function in today’s fast-paced world.  I would even think to many women, handbags have become just as important as your cell phone.

As the evaluation of cell phones, which once were known as the common accessory that helped you in distress, make a quick call, or just look cool, today, cell phones have become the most important accessory, carrying everything that is YOU on one device.  I mean, why not, your life, email, social media, wallet, and status is wrapped up in 1 small, tiny device.

When we look at handbags today, just as we can’t leave home without our cell phones, handbags have evolved the same way.  Our handbags carry our life.  Handbags are our fashion statement while carrying everything we need or just might need someday at some point…….. Our handbags have our credit cards, money, personal items, medicine, jewelry, keys, lipstick and makeup, condiments, gum, food, our phones and so much more.  You can say that handbags are the ‘NEW MUST-HAVE’ just to deal with everyday life.

With something SO IMPORTANT, wouldn’t you consider buying the right handbag as you do your cell phone?   In your quest to find the right handbag, make sure you buy the right handbag that simplifies your life.

Let’s talk about handbag Must-Have Essentials:

  • Must have a place for my phone, (we all know we can’t miss that special call).
  • Must have a place for my money, coins, and credit cards…. If it’s already integrated in the purse, that’s a savings and bonus.
  • Must have a pocket for my make-up.
  • Must be the right size and color.
  • Must be fun and fit my personality.
  • Must have room inside for my other stuff.

Let’s talk about Bonus Essentials:

  • An easy access compartment for my phone.
  • Multiple straps for comfort support.
  • I would LOVE a place for my sunglasses or eyewear, I typically just throws those inside my handbag and find them all scratched.
  • Would love a key ring I could take off and on as I needed that matches my handbag.

What are some of the things you’d like in a bag? Let us know at

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